About Me

   Motherhood has taken my love of photography to a new level.  I've always been interested in preserving memories, but since having my two children it has now become a passion!

   Photography is a great creative outlet for me. I enjoy spending time photographing my children, and it is a privilege to give the gift of captured moments to others.

   I'm enjoying this journey, step-by-step, as I try to gain and perfect my skills. 


  1. Your photography is amazing, and your children are gorgeous! You have such talent! From one Danielle Rounds to another, I am wondering where you are from. :) I live in the US Virgin Islands, on St. Thomas.... and have an identical twin sister, who also lives here.Her name is Nicole Rounds.

  2. How did I miss seeing this?! Thank you so much for your very sweet compliments! I am in Southern California. Happy new year!